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Strengthening Clubs - 2

Due to a successful Strengthening 4-H Clubs I training, additional materials have been created to strengthen 4-H clubs. The objective of SCII are:

To enhance the agents' knowledge and skills for increasing the club leaders' management capabilities to transform the 4-H club into a more positive, fun and effective club experience for families.

  • Increase club leaders' understanding and awareness of youth development for training and supporting youth through each developmental stage.
  • Build a club leadership structure that distributes responsibilities among members, parents and leaders.
  • Apply research-based information for strengthening the 4-H club.

These are the resources for the Strengthening 4-H Clubs II training . These materials were developed by Rod Buchele, Beth Hinshaw, and Diane Mack, Pam VanHorn and Deryl Waldren. The files are being posted as .pdfs except for the PowerPoint files which have been left as originals so that they may be edited for use. For questions and concerns with these files, contact Diane Mack at 785-532-5833 or e-mail him at dmack@ksu.edu.

Agenda and Group Builder

Vibrant Clubs Characteristics

  • Handout 1 (PDF) (Word)
  • Handout 2 (PDF) (Word)
  • Card Group Activity (PDF) (Word)
  • Building Vibrant Youth Groups (PDF) (Word)
  • Strategies for Improving Vibrancy (PDF) (Word)
  • Why Clubs Still Matter (PDF) (Word)
  • Tips for Improving Vibrancy (PDF) (Word)
  • Professional Self Assessment Tool  (PDF) (Word)
  • Self Assessment Scoring Tool  (PDF) (Word)
  • Youth Consumer's Guide Assessment Tool  (PDF) (Word)
  • Power Point Presentation (PPTXp)
    • Vibrant Clubs

Top 10 Management Practices

  • Top 10 Management Practices (PDF) (Word)

Supportive and Engaged Adult Leadership

  • Club Position Descriptions (PDF) (Word)
  • Club Structure Answers (PDF) (Word)
  • Teaching Outline (PDF) (Word)
  • Power Point Presentation (PPTX)
    • Supportive & Engaged Leadership

Being Connected to the 4-H Movement

  • Club Constitution & Bylaws (PDF) (Word)
  • Club Financial Responsibility (PDF) (Word)
  • Club Money Collection Form (PDF) (Word)
  • Club Ticket Checkout List (PDF) (Word)
  • Club Voucher (PDF) (Word)
  • Committee Report Outline (PDF) (Word)
  • Fundraiser Tips (PDF) (Word)
  • Managing Non-Appropriate Funds (PDF) 
  • Tax Exemption Update (PDF) (Word)
  • USDA Tax Exempt Status Rules (PDF) 

Empowered & Supported Officers and Junior Leaders

  • Elements of Teens (PDF) (Word)
  • Jr. Leaders Teaching Outline (PDF) (Word)
  • Teen Participation Scenarios (PDF) (Word)
  • Maximizing Member's Abilities (PDF) (Word)
  • Increasing Teen Participation (PDF) (Word)

Planning for a Safe Environment

  • Types of Group Environments (PDF) (Word)
  • Environment Questionnaire (PDF) (Word)
  • Teaching Guide (PDF) (Word)
  • Power Point Presentation (PPTX) (PDF)
    • Planning For A Safe Environment

Value & Practice Service to Others

  • Valuing & Practicing Service (PDF) (Word)
  • 5 C's Handout (PDF) (Word)
  • Community Service Coordinator Position (PDF) (Word)
  • Community Service & Service Learning (PDF)
  • 5 Steps To Great Community Service (PDF)
  • Community Service Ideas (PDF) (Word)
  • Planning A Successful Project (PDF) (Word)
  • Community Service Project Ideas (PDF) (Word)
  • Signs For Service (PDF) (Word)