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4-H Youth Development

4-H SPIN Clubs

The purpose of 4-H SPIN Clubs is to expand opportunities for youth and adults to experience and benefit from the Kansas 4-H youth development program. Through 4-H SPIN Clubs, youth not typically part of 4-H will participate in sustained 4-H youth development activities led by adult volunteers. In 4-H SPIN Clubs, youth will learn about a subject of interest to them, have positive interactions with their peers, and develop life skills.

Kansas 4-H SPIN Clubs combine the concept of Special Interest Groups with the 4-H Club Model to provide the context for positive youth.

  • Youth can explore a topic of interest.
  • Encourages youth to investigate topics that may or may not be typical 4-H projects.
  • Encourages new and/or underserved youth and families, not typically part of 4-H clubs, to get involved.
  • Provides youth and volunteers easier entry into the 4-H program.
  • Recruits volunteers with expertise in a subject matter area.
  • Club meets for a minimum of 6 sessions and holds a culminating event  Sessions could range from 1 hour in length to several hours.
  • Has a beginning and ending schedule yet can continue if both the volunteer and youth agree.
  • Participants are enrolled 4-H members and are encouraged to participate in other 4-H events, activities, and clubs.  Local eligibility requirements for funds and recognition may vary.
  • Members recognize they are 4-H members and showcase 4-H Youth Development prominently from beginning to end, such as:Saying the 4-H pledge at the beginning of each meeting
    • Displaying 4-H clover at meeting site
    • Using the experiential "Learn by Doing" learning model
    • Providing opportunities to showcase what they have learned or the skills they have mastered by sharing with others
    • Using their interests to conduct community service projects

SPIN Club Volunteers must complete the Kansas 4-H Volunteer Screening Process and Orientation. The additional links listed to the right, are videos created by Illinois 4-H on Positive Youth Development and Ages and Stages.

SPIN Club Resources:

Below are resources available to help start successful SPIN clubs.  Many are form fillable PDF's.