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4-H Youth Development

48 Hours of 4-H

What: Join us this fall in seeing just how much we can give back to our communities! The weekend after National 4-H Week, is the perfect opportunity to setup a service project. Invite your friends, clubs, adult volunteers and 4-H Alums too! Find all the information here and start planning your projects. Please register your projects and then follow up with a report so we know about all the great things that happened across the state. 48 Hours of 4-H is the perfect compliment to #InspireKidstoDo  

When: October 12-13, 2024

Who: 4-H Members, 4-H Clubs, Friends, Adult Volunteers, Parents, 4-H Alumni, Partnerships, Community Organizations, Potential 4-H Families

2023 Information - More Information Coming Soon

These report links will be live later in 2023

2023 Project Registration Form for reference - PDF Copy This so is you know what questions are asked. All projects must be registered through the online link below

Register your Project Here - available this summer

Available in the fall - AFTER YOUR PROJECT - Please do a follow up report here - Tell us about the project and upload a few photos. Even if you did not originally register, please report. 

For refernce - Click here for PDF - Here is what will be asked on the follow up report and there will be space to upload 5 photos.  - This is for reference only,  please fill out online at link above.


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