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Horse Panorama

When: April 2021


Where: Online

  • Digital Uploads (Photography, Logo, Poster, Power Point, Ad Layout, Exhibition Model Horse Show) - Uploads will open March 26 and close April 7. Judging will begin after April 7 with feedback given to youth.
  • Hippology- April 10
  • Quiz Bowl Preliminaries via Qualtrics- April 10
  • Quiz Bowl Finals via Zoom- April 11
  • Public Speaking, Demonstration, & Project Talks- Zoom with judges by scheduled date/time, April 10-14. Sign-ups will be available.

Who: 4-H Members ages 7-18 and adult volunteers. Horse Panorama is a compilation of various contests related to the Horse Project. Contests include: quiz bowl, hippology, public speaking presentations, photography and educational posters. There will also be educational activities for 4-Hers of all ages.

It will be the participant’s responsibility to make sure they have access to reliable internet to fully participate in each contest. We encourage agents to work with interested youth to make sure they have an adequate internet connection before the contest begins.

With the online format, we want to remind participants that an important aspect of youth development is practicing integrity and character development. While we have included securities for each event, youth need to practice the fairness pillar and adhere to the honor system.