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4-H Youth Development

2022 Kansas 4-H Insect Spectacular

Insect SpectacularBeetles, bugs, dragonflies and more! It’s time to get registered for the 30th Insect Spectacular. The State Entomology Workshop will be held Friday and Saturday, June 17th and 18th, 2022. We will be hosted by Arnold’s Greenhouse on Friday morning, located at 1430 Hwy 58 near LeRoy, Kansas. Then we will travel to the Chanute High School as the center for other activities. The event is open to all youth and adult volunteers interested in 4-H entomology! One parent/adult guardian from each family must register and attend with children.


2021 Kansas 4-H Insect Spectacular

The 2021 Kansas 4-H Insect Spectacular occured on June 21st, 23rd, and 25th.  This year there were three webinar sessions each lasting about an hour. The sessions were open to all youth and were designed as an opportunity to learn as a group.  Recordings are available for all three of the following sessions:  

Lookalike Insects - Isaac Fox

Presentation 1 Slides

Asian Giant Hornets - Vicky Wallace

Presentation 2 Slides


Invasive Species - Sharon Dobesh

Presentation 3 Slides



2020 Kansas 4-H Insect Spectacular

Over 90 families registered for the first virtual experience of the Kansas 4-H Insect Spectacular. Below, you will find the three webinar recordings, along with the presentation slides. 

Beginner Level Entomology

Beginner slides with notes (PDF)

Advanced Level Entomology

Advanced slides with notes (PDF)

Notebooks and Educational Exhibits

Educational Exhibits (PDF)

Collection Notebooks (PDF)