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Kansas 4-H Insect Spectacular


2021 Kansas 4-H Insect Spectacular

The 2021 Kansas 4-H Insect Spectacular will occured on June 21st, 23rd, and 25th.  This year there were three webinar sessions each lasting about an hour. The sessions were open to all youth and were designed as an opportunity to learn as a group.  Recordings are available for all three of the following sessions:  

Lookalike Insects: and how to properly identify them - Isaac Fox

Invasive Species: Asian Giant Hornets - Vicky Wallace

Invasive Species - Sharon Dobesh


2020 Kansas 4-H Insect Spectacular

Over 90 families registered for the first virtual experience of the Kansas 4-H Insect Spectacular. Below, you will find the three webinar recordings, along with the presentation slides. 

Beginner Level Entomology

Beginner slides with notes (PDF)- Virtual Insect Spectacular, June 15, 2020


Advanced Level Entomology

Advanced slides with notes (PDF)- Virtual Insect Spectacular, June 17, 2020


Notebooks and Educational Exhibits

Educational Exhibits (PDF) - June 19, 2020

Collection Notebooks (PDF)- June 19, 2020


Resource Videos

Visit the Entomology Project page to view the series of resource videos.