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4-H Youth Development

Instructor and Apprentice Certified Training Program

The 4-H Shooting Sports Advisory and State 4-H Office are hosting    Level 1 Shooting Sports Instructor training

May 3-5, 2024 Rock Springs Ranch - Junction City, KS



Pre-Training Process

  1. A potential new instructor is approved by Point of Contact Agent and unit Coordinator (if one is current) and the Volunteer Job Description is discussed.
  2. The volunteer is to be enrolled in 4honline.
  3. Complete the volunteer background check process.
  4. After enrolled and approved background check, be approved by County/District Extension Board.
  5. Read and sign a volunteer job description for the volunteer role.
  6. Have a conversation with the County Shooting Sports Coordinator and the County Agent and ask approval for attending training.
  7. Register for training.
  8. The local office will approve the registration, confirming that they support the volunteer. 
  9. You will receive a follow-up email with a link to the National 4-H Shooting Sports online modules which will cost an additional $20/participatnt and are required to be complete before training.