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4-H Youth Development

Instructor and Apprentice Certified Training Program

The Instructor Certified Training Program will be held November 7-8, 2020 in Cimarron. Availability is limited. Details, including a tentative schedule, will be released soon to those that completed the survey in August.  


Pre-Training Process

  1. A potential new instructor is approved by Point of Contact Agent and unit Coordinator (if one is current). 
  2. Register in 4-H Online as a volunteer and complete volunteer screening through the County/District office.
  3. **Complete online modules that provide general program education before registering for the training. See PDF for module instructions. 
  4. To register for training contact the Point of Contact Agent for the registration link. (Will be released soon.)
  5. Complete the Kansas 4-H Shooting Sports online module. Will be sent to registered participants mid-October. 

The online modules are provided by National 4-H Shooting Sports. The online training cost $20 per person, due directly to the website. When completed prior to the Kansas Training Program registration, participants will receive a $25 discount on their registration fee. Click here to visit the online modules.


 ** Online modules must be completed by October 26th as there will not time to do so on-site. Please provide your local office with proof of completed online training prior to registration. Once complete, the online module will allow the user to download a certificate as well as an emailed conformation.