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4-H Youth Development

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County Fair Webinars

This 4 part series discusses a variety of topics including superintendents, ribbons, first impressions, and grievance plans. Each webinar video has PowerPoint slides (PDF) available to view. 

Judges, Superintendents, Rules/Fairbook, Ribbons OH MY! PowerPoint Slides (pdf)


What is the Public's First Impression of Your Fair? Topics include marketing messages, exhibits to highlight a VIBRANT 4-H program and serving the public in 4-H Concession Stands. PowerPoint Slides (pdf)


 Making the Ask! Inviting fairgoers to become a part of 4-H as a member or volunteer. PowerPoint Slides(pdf)


Challenges or Opportunities?  Extension Board or Fair Board, who does what? Complaints or Conflicts, steps to develop a grievance plan. PowerPoint Slides (pdf)


Livestock Fair Management Webinars

This series of webinars is designed for county fair board members, Extension agents, and volunteers involved in local livestock fair management and leadership.

Series #1- April 7, 2020

County Fair Board Structure & Management

Official 4-H Livestock Policies & Extension's Role at County Fairs


County Fair Insurance


Open Forum, Questions, & Night #1 Wrap-up


Series #2- April 8, 2020

Livestock Show Management & Premium Sales


Showmanship & Round Robin Structure


Open Forum, Questions, & Night #2  Wrap-up




County Fair Resources

Policies & Rules

K-State Research and Extension Role at Fairs & Shows (pdf)

Kansas 4-H Youth Development Policy

4-H Project Exhibit Judging

Consultative Judging of a 4-H Project Exhibit (pdf)

Standard Scorecards for Project Exhibit Judging


4-H Project Exhibit: A Superintendent's Role (pdf)

Superintendent General Project Check List (word)

Superintendent Animal Project Check List (word)

Supt "Ask" Letter Sample (word)

Supt "Confirm" Letter Sample (word)


Creating a Positive Experience for 4H Youth at the County Fair (pdf)

4-H Project Exhibit: The Judge's Role (pdf)

Judge "Ask" Letter Sample (word)

Judge Response Postcard (word)

Judge "Confirm" Letter Sample (word)


Project Signs (11x17 pdf)

Ribbon Explanation Signs (11x17 pdf)

Parental Signs (11x17 pdf)

4-H Pledge Signs (11x17 pdf)

Livestock Stall Cards (word)

Horse Stall Cards (word)

Rabbit/Poultry Cage Cards (word)

Public Impressions at County Fairs

First Impressions Worksheet 

Concession Stands

Considerations when hiring a Food Stand Manager  April 30 Zoom information in Tip Sheet and Tuesday Letter

Riley County Food Stand Manager Job Description 

Cowley County Menus 

Edwards County Concession Stand Duty List 

Ellis County Concession Order Sheets 

Harvey County Rules and Procedures

Harvey County Menu

Kingman Fair Menu


Miami County Concession Stand Guide

Food Safety at the Food Stand (ppt)

Food Safety at the Food Stand Pre-Test (word)

Food Safety at the Food Stand Post-Test (word)

Marketing & Promotional Efforts

4-H Grows Here Campaign Messaging Framework (pdf)

Door Prize Info Card (pdf)

Grievance Committees

4-H County Fair Grievance Committee Template-Draft (word) 

Example Grievance Plans from Kansas