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4-H Youth Development

Dairy Goats

Did you know that people drink goat's milk? In fact, more people in the world drink goat's milk than dairy cattle's milk. The dairy goat project is a great way for members to learn about agriculture around the world while the goats are in the backyard. 4-H members may start with a doe and then raise kids to create their own dairy goat herd. 

Things to Learn/Do in the Project

Age 7-9

  • Identify dairy goat breeds
  • Manage and care for a dairy goat
  • Learn to show a goat

Age 10-13

  • Learn to care, train and handle dairy goats safely
  • Care for equipment and facilities needed for dairy goats
  • Chart the growth of a kid

Age 14 and Older

  • Develop a heard health calendar
  • Keep milk production records
  • Learn of by-products
  • Explore dairy goat careers


Project Materials

Reasonably priced materials are available for every project in Kansas 4-H. You can order the materials for your project online or contact your local Extension Office.

Dairy Goats (GD 100)

General Dairy Goat Resources

Project Leader Resources

Record Keeping Resources

Additional Resources - Veterinary Science

Awards and Recognition

*Includes both Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goats

County Level
Award: Medal presented at your 4-H Achievement Banquet

State Level
Award: Medallion

National Level
Award: $400 National 4-H Congress Scholarship

Career Connections