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4-H Youth Development

Horse Judges Seminar

2024 Kansas 4-H and Open Horse Show Judges Seminar

Kansas 4-H, Colby Community College, and the KSU Horse Judging Team are pleased to offer a Kansas 4-H (and open) Horse Show Judges Seminar Friday, April 12th, at the Colby Community College School Farm (2002 County Road 23, Colby, KS).  

Adults interested in learning to judge open or 4-H horse shows, current open and 4-H Horse Show judges who want to brush up on their judging skills, coaches of youth horse judging teams, and youth looking to gain experience and instruction judging horses are invited to participate in the 2024 4-H and Open Horse Show Judges Seminar.

The seminar will cover basic horse show classes, professionalism of judges, hands-on demonstrations with live classes, and a rule book exam. 

Participants will recieve instruction, hands-on, real-world experience and practice judging horse show classes while building a network of open and 4-H horse show judges across the state.

Registration is $50/person and includes snacks, lunch, instruction and materials. Please register by Friday, March 29, 2024.
*cancellation information:  complete refund if canceled by April 5, 2024


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