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4-H Youth Development

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The goal of the 4-H Robotics project is to make Science, Technology, Engeneering, and Math engaging and meaningful in the lives of young people.  Youth have the oportunity to practice and refine their engineering skills through programs like Junk Drawer Robotics.  Using LEGO robotics platforms coding and programming skills are emphasized.  

Things to Learn/Do in the Projects

  • Learn about robot arms
  • Learn about robots with legs, wheels or under water
  • Explore sensors, analog and digital systems
  • Build basic circuits
  • Design a robot
  • Program a robot to accomplish a specific task

Project Materials and Resources


Junk Drawer Robotics 

Robotics Programming

*LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 kits have been discontinued and are no longer available.  They are great resources if you already have a kit.  If you are looking for the latest version the SPIKE Prime Kit has been relased and uses Scratch coding blocks.  We recomend reviewing the building instructions and activity briefs as good first steps when using these kits.  

State Fair Robotics Information