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4-H Youth Development


The self-determined project is just that - you decide what you do or study. Is there something you have a passion for that is not included in the 4-H project listing? Then, this is your opportunity to create your own project. research a sport, hobby or career - the sky is the limit!

Things to Learn/Do in the Project

  • Identify and pursue a personal passion or interest
  • Set goals and evaluate the completion of your goals
  • Share your hobby, interest or activity with others

Examples of the self-determined project titles are:

Agriculture and Related Areas: Bees, Welding, Conservation, Weather Forecasting, Taxidermy, Weed Control, Range Management

Family and Consumer Sciences: Cake Decorating, Changing Lifestyles, Completing Your Family Tree, Consumer Laws, Early Childhood and Learning, Changing Food Patterns, Fashion Design, Value Comparisons Between Generations, Mobile Home Living

Other: Automotive, Arrowheads, Entrepreneurship, Computer, Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, Leisure in Today's Society, Working with Special Needs, Workforce Readiness

Project Materials

Reasonably priced materials are available for every project in Kansas 4-H. You can order the materials for your project online or contact your local Extension Office.

Self-Determined (SD100)

General Self-Determined Resources

Project Leader Resources

Awards and Recognition

County Level
Award: Medal presented at your 4-H Achievement Banquet

State Level
Award: Medallion

National Level
Award: $400 National 4-H Congress Scholarship

Career Connections