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4-H Youth Development

2024-25 Kansas 4-H Scholarship 

Scholarships are due March 1st, 2024 by 11:59PM CST



The Kansas 4-H Scholarship process has been modified. These changes will take effect for the 2024-25 scholarship application process. Please review all of the documentation thoroughly. If you have any questions about the changes and processes that have been made, please ask Sarah Keatley (keatley@ksu.edu or 620-366-0035), Kansas 4-H Scholarship Coordinator.

We hope that these modifications will enhance the transparency and practicability of the application process, thereby rendering it simpler and more user-friendly to navigate for applicants. Furthermore, it provides applicants with a readily prepared resume and cover letter that they can use for their job applications

For the sake of clarity in the following information, there will be two types of scholarships referenced; State 4-H Scholarships and the Vanier Family Scholarship Program (VFSP).


The new scholarship process has combined the State 4-H Scholarships and the Vanier Family Scholarship Program (VFSP) applications together. We hope that this encourages more applicants to pursue both of these scholarship opportunities. Please review the chart on the following page to see which scholarships you are eligible for.

 *State 4-H
Is the scholarship need based?Varies upon scholarshipYes
I am a class of 2024 Graduate, am I eligible?YesYes
Am I eligible if I am attending a Community College, trade school, or cosmetology schoolVaries upon scholarshipYes
I am a Soph, Jr, or Sr in College. Am I eligible?Varies upon scholarshipNo, this scholarship is only available to incoming Freshman
Do I need to fill out a FAFSA?No, we do not ask for FAFSA documentation to be submitted with applicationsNo, we do not ask for FAFSA documentation to be submitted with applications
Attending postsecondary school in Kansas vs. out of stateVaries upon scholarshipApplicants can attend school in or out of Kansas
Is the scholarship renewable?While scholarships are not renewable, you can apply each yearYes, recipients will be
given the opportunity to renew each year until graduation
Are there GPA Requirements?Varies upon scholarshipNot to apply. Renewals must keep a 2.5 cumulative GPA
Do I need to have a specific major?Varies upon scholarshipNo, this scholarship
is only available to
incoming Freshman
*Each scholarship given out as a State 4-H Scholarship has a different set of criteria as established by the donor of the scholarship. Please check the list of State 4-H Scholarships to see specific criteria for each scholarship
What You Will Need to Apply:

Part 1: Select the scholarship program(s) that you are applying for (State 4-H Scholarships and/or the Vanier Family Scholarship Program.

Part 2: Answer questions regarding demographics, general 4-H participation, and academic information.

Part 3: Attach your Cover Letter and Resume (in a PDF). Please reference the Cover Letter and Resume handouts for additional information.


Cover Letter 

Part 4: Submit!


You need two references for your application to be considered complete. When identifying references, select individuals who can speak to the leadership, dedication, and commitment you have demonstrated. You should NOT use family members as a reference. There are no requirements and/or restrictions for how you should know your references.

References will NOT submit a letter of recommendation. References will be asked to answer the following questions regarding the applicant:

  • Describe a specific time that you have witnessed the applicant using their leadership skills.
  • Explain how 4-H has impacted the development of the applicant
  • Please describe what sets this applicant apart from their peers.
  • Other Comments

You are encouraged to share this information with your references when you ask them to serve in that role. As the deadline for scholarships approaches, you should follow up with your references to ensure they have filled out the necessary documentation.


Each application is reviewed by three judges. Each judge will use the evaluation score sheet that is included in this packet. We strongly encourage applicants to use this evaluation score sheet to use as a reference while preparing their application.

How Will I Be Evaluated?

State 4-H Scholarships 
Vanier Family Scholarship Program

Awarding Process

Once the evaluation of all of the scholarships has been completed, scores between all judges are first neutralized and then averaged. State 4-H Scholarship are put in order of highest score to lowest score and then matched with the different State 4-H Scholarships based on criteria needed and order of rank. The Vanier Family Scholarship Program applicants are ranked, and then based upon the amount available to award that year, applicants are asked to participate in an interview with another set of evaluators.

If you have additional questions, you can email Sarah Keatley at Keatley@ksu.edu or call/text 620-366-0035.