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4-H Youth Development

Welcome to the Kansas Clover Classroom!
Taking photographs, building rockets, designing a cabinet, collecting insects, tending to livestock...those are all part of the fun of the Kansas 4-H program.But those activities are part of a much bigger, project-based learning process to prepare kids for the future.
These challenges will enhance the learning, leadership and community service within each project area. Don’t forget to fill out the evaluation survey after completing your challenge so that we can continue to make improvements. New project challenges are constantly being developed, so check back often.  
Get to Know Your Camera


Take a Hike! 

photo challenge


Take a Hike

Quick Bread vs. Yeast BreadCommunicationsJunk Drawer Robotics

 breads challenge

Tracking WildlifeDynamic DisplaysThrifty Threads


dynamic displaysThrifty Threads
MacrameHorse SafetyGeology Collecting
Macramehorse safetygeology



Reading Challenge

Ruminant Challenge