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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

September 15, 2020

Academic Year Program Student Arrives for School Year

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

Republic of Korea student, Seorin Ryu, arrived in Kansas September 4 and hopes to stay with the John and Crissy Payne family in Ness County, Walnut Creek District where she will be attending Western Plains High School until mid-June. We expect Maksym Oleksandrovych, a FLEX student from Ukraine, to arrive in January for second semester at Iola High School, hosted by the Paul and Becky Meiwes family in Allen County, Southwind District. 

After last month’s newsletter deadline, the LEX program in Japan cancelled the 2020-21 AYP exchange for all except the students who would not be eligible next year.  We are waiting to see if one of the previously-approved hosts for a Japan student, who was eliminated this year, chooses to host a FLEX or YES exchange student next semester at this writing.  If a family would like to apply to host an AYP student second semester or next school year, they may contact Mary Kay Munson at mkm2@ksu.edu or 785-238-3631 or 785-375-3189.