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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

November 16, 2021

Academic Year Programs (AYP) for 2022-23

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

Academic Year Exchanges, which will involve high school students from Japan and South Korea coming to Kansas in August 2022 and returning to their native countries in June 2023, are now seeking host families for the year.  These students’ applications are expected to begin arriving in the U.S. at the end of January 2022.  Encourage families who are interested to discuss the opportunity over Christmas/New Years holiday.  These exchange students are eager to become members of Kansas families.  Some have been planning for this experience for several years.  They have all studied English and passed several levels of interviews and have strong academic backgrounds and are motivated to work hard in their studies.  4-H does its best to support the students and the host families throughout the exchange. 

Anyone with questions or who would like access to the Host Family Application link should contact Mary Kay Munson, Kansas AYP Coordinator at 785-375-3189 or mkm2@ksu.edu.  She is available throughout the holiday period.  Munson reminds families that families who apply early will have the widest selection of students.  There are no requirements of host siblings for this exchange.  Families provide food, lodging and transportation.  Students pay for their own personal needs, clothing and school expenses.  They are provided good health insurance by the program.