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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

May 15, 2023

Kansas 4-H International Exchange Programs Coordinators Update

Submitted by Deryl E Waldren

Kansas 4-H Youth Development has been participating in cross cultural exchange programs since the International 4-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) began in 1948. Here is an update of the current exchange coordinators, the programs they are responsible for, and how to get in contact with them.

1. Mary Kay Munson continues in several roles with Kansas 4-H International Exchange Programs. Mary Kay is finishing the 2022-23 States’ 4-H Academic Year Program (high school exchange), as well the States’ 4-H exchange programs for 4-H-age youth. Mary Kay is currently looking for two host families who would host a Japanese or South Korean student from mid-August 2023 to mid-June 2024. Each host family will host one exchange student. If this interests you, please contact Mary Kay Munson.

Mary Kay also coordinates the inbound States’ 4-H International Exchange Program. Ten Norwegian youth are coming to Kansas to live with 4-H families from June 25 – July 19, 2023.

Mary Kay also coordinates the States’ 4-H outbound program with four Kansas 4-H members traveling to Japan and one 4-H member traveling to South Korea this summer.

Mary Kay Munson, mkm2@ksu.edu, 785-375-3189.

2. Pam Van Horn continues as the Kansas 4-H Japan Exchange Coordinator who finds and places Japanese youth with Kansas 4-H host families every July-August. Kansas 4-H will be hosting 27 Japanese youth and three adult chaperones from July 24 – August 16, 2023. Most exchange delegates are between 12-15-years-old. Contact Pam, if you are interested in hosting this summer.

Pam Van Horn, pvanhorn@ksu.edu, 785-826-8917.

3. Chelsy Champlin is the Kansas 4-H International Exchange Program Coordinator for inbound IFYEs (International 4-H Youth Exchange). IFYEs are the exchange delegates (over 18-years-old) who come to Kansas in the summertime and/or fall and live with Kansas 4-H host families for about three weeks. Kansas will be hosting three IFYEs this summer and fall and will need 12 host families. Contact Chelsy, if you are interested.

Chelsy Champlin, chelsycoen@gmail.com, 785-248-6131.

4. Deryl Waldren has been contracted back again to assist with cross-cultural and exchange programs as the liaison between the coordinators and Kansas 4-H Youth Development and the Kansas State 4-H Office. He will assist with exchange programs as needed during this summer and the coming 4-H year.

Deryl E. Waldren, dwaldren@ksu.edu, 303-349-7403.