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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

May 15, 2023

Eleven Kansas Families Host Norway 4H Exchangees

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

For one month beginning late June 25, nine youth and an adult leader representing Norway 4H will be hosted by Kansas 4-H families. They will be welcomed at two locations, Johnson County and Wichita, to accommodate host families for pick up and return to their Washington, D. C. flights. While with families the Norwegians will do what their host families are doing and participate in local 4-H activities while sharing the culture of Norway and their 4H program. They return to arrival airport cities on July 18 for very early flights the next morning. Host families, their 4-H units, and students they plan to host are:

Erik and Heather Anderson Johnson County Maria Kallianen Kyrrø
Shannon and Heather Bowman Pratt County Anna Laurentse Søyland
Mike and Stephanie Eckroat Midway Dist., Hays Hans Kristian Øverby (1st Half)
Ross and Amy Hendrickson Southwind Dist., Erie Ola Egil Kvølsvoll
Tim and Natalie Jepson-Kundiger Wildcat Dist., Girard Isabel Larsen Stepanenko
Paul and Becky Meiwes Southwind Dist., Iola Maria Cecilie Aardalsbakke
Ron and Kristie Moon Geary County Hans Kristian Øverby (2nd Half)
Mark and Resia Muto Geary County Anja Haugland
Brian and Heather Ross Walnut Creek Dist., La Crosse Johannes Paulus Paulides
Nathan and Sandy Showalter Walnut Creek Dist., La Crosse Astrid Julie Mo
Steve and Lara Staker Wildcat Dist., Fredonia Hannah Elvira Ildjarnstad