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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

October 16, 2023

Introducing 4-H Project Partnership Teams

Submitted by Sarah E. Maass

For over a century Kansas 4-H has been deeply rooted in volunteer and teen leader involvement. Throughout the years, we have had various groups and committees, most recently Kansas 4-H Action Teams, working across the 4-H project areas to deliver programmatic opportunities, make recommendations for project advancement, and the list goes on. It was time to re-evaluate the structure of these teams and how we move forward. These teams have played an integral role and will continue to do so, but with a new name and broader view. The Kansas State 4-H Team has reviewed the Kansas 4-H Action Team guidelines and rebranded this volunteer opportunity to be Kansas 4-H Project Partnership Teams. These teams will be able to provide opportunities for more 4-H project areas.