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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

October 16, 2023

4-H Attendance Policies

Submitted by Kelsey Nordyke

Local Extension Boards, Fairboards and 4-H Councils should be sure to check Kansas 4-H Policy regarding attendance requirements for participation in 4-H activities. Regional Specialists have fielded calls from volunteers as well as staff members stating that attendance policies have been set for 4-H members to participate in activities. For example: A 4-H member must attend X meetings in order to exhibit at the county fair.

Please note that this does not follow Kansas 4-H policy. From Kansas 4-H Policy 10.4.1: "Fair boards may not establish rules and regulations for participation of 4-H members in the 4-H division at fairs/expositions/shows. Extension Boards, in partnerships with fair boards, may propose eligibility requirements, such as 4-H club meeting attendance policies, for participating in a livestock or project sale, auction, or similar event for 4-H exhibitors. If eligibility rules are established and approved by the extension board, requirements should be in place and communicated to all 4-H participants by October 1, the beginning of the 4-H year."

What does this mean? A Fairboard and Extension Board may establish attendance policies in order to participate in a sale or to receive premiums, but may NOT establish an attendance policy in order for 4-H members to exhibit.