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4-H Youth Development

Kansas 4-H Marketing Resources

To purchase professional quality flyers and large posters, please visit the KSRE Bookstore 4-H Promotional Items.  You may also print on demand PDF's from your local office using the bookstore as well. 

ALL PRINT MATERIALS, such as flyers, posters, brochures, etc. MUST utilize the co-branded KSRE/4-H Clover logo.  Please refrain from using a "stand alone" clover unless absolutely necessary due to the nature of your use.

color cobrand

bw cobrandwhite ksre cobrand
 cobrand verticalblack cobrand vertical  white vertical cobrand

 cobrand grows here color

 cobrand grows here blackcobrand grows here white 

 green clover

black cloverwhite clover 
 color grows here horiz
black grows here horiz 
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national week

national week spanish


National 4-H Week

30 Second PSA Script (English & Spanish versions)

60 Second PSA Script (English & Spanish versions)

Web Banners

character   Curiosity   Friendship

Leadership   responsibility

Facebook Profile Pics

fb profile

Facebook Cover Photos

Coming soon...


4-H Grows Here Letterhead- black & white (word doc)

4-H Grows Here Letterhead- color (word doc)