4-H Happenings
  • Kansas 4-H State Wheat Show When: Thu Aug 7, 2014 9:30am to 11:30am  CDT

    Who: kansas4h@gmail.com
    Where: Pratt, KS
  • State 4-H Dairy Sweepstakes and All Breeds Jr. Dairy Show When: Thu Aug 14, 2014 to Sat Aug 16, 2014 

    Where: Salina
  • 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes When: Sat Aug 23, 2014 to Sun Aug 24, 2014 

    Where: Manhattan, KS
  • Horticulture Judging When: Sat Aug 23, 2014

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    News and Updates

    Kansas State Fair Kansas 4-H Supplemental Information

    It was recently brought to our attention that the Kansas State Fair Exhibitor Handbook that had been distributed electronically to the Local Extension Units did not include any of the 4-H Divisions for the Kansas State Fair.  We have created a Kansas State Fair Kansas 4-H Supplemental Handbook that is currently available on the Kansas4-H.org website.  You can access this Supplement by clicking HERE.  If you have any questions regarding the 4-H Division at the Kansas State Fair, please do not hesitate to contact the State 4-H Office at 785-532-5800 and we will make sure to get your questions answered!

    Southwest Kansas 4-H Pilot Project

    Hispanic youth and their families are actively participating in 4-H in Southwest Kansas. They are discovering the value of 4-H as an organization that empowers young people to learn new skills, build their confidence and grow into capable, responsible adults. The purpose of the pilot project is to engage Hispanic youth and their families, primarily in Southwest Kansas, in a safe and active learning experiences that are gorounded in positive youth development. The goal is to establish new clubs in which the youth fully participate in 4-H and engage in relevant and age appropriate programming in science, health and leadership development. In addition, support and guidance will be provided to parents in helping their children set and achieve their goals and aspirations for the future. Watch the video here


    Volunteering with Kansas 4-H

    Last year, the Kansas 4-H Youth Development program involved more than 7,740 youth and adult volunteers in providing fun, hands-on learning opportunities to more than 65,200 youth in Kansas.

    When you volunteer your time to help children explore, learn and grow, you are investing in them and in the future of your community. And you’ll probably find that you learn just as much from 4-H as they do!

    • Decide what you have the time and interest to help youth explore and chart positive futures.

    • Consider volunteering to lead a 4-H group in your community, your local school, or any other location where there are youth who need positive, committed adult role models in their lives.

    • Share your skills, knowledge and talents while having fun with kids and you’re sure to make a difference in their lives.

    4-H offers a variety of programs, training, activities and events specifically designed to support volunteers. In order to serve as a volunteer, all potential volunteers who have direct, on-going contact with youth must be screened through the Kansas 4-H volunteer screening process. For more information, please contact your local K-State Research and Extension office.


    Farming as Rocket Science

    As we reflect upon the role of county fairs and showcasing 4-H at the Kansas State Fair, it is uplifting to know that 4-H is being recognized as a producer of young people that are contributing to agriculture and feeding the world.  This article from The Economist is in recognition of all the work that Extension educators, community partners, parents, and of course, the youth are doing to continue to make 4-H relevant and important.    The Economist