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4-H Youth Development

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4-H Programs

How does 4-H work?

Join a club!

4-H clubs generally meet monthly, and nearly every community in Kansas has one. 4-H club meetings give youth opportunities to share their project work (speak), plan community service activities (give), and practice running meetings (lead). For specialized projects like shooting sports, many counties have county-wide project clubs that operate in a similar fashion.

Undertake projects.

Members choose from a wide range of individual projects, based on their interests and the availability of a knowledgeable adult in the community to serve as a mentor/leader (matching facilitated through clubs). Through these projects, members set goals, learn the skills needed to achieve goals, and exhibit/demonstrate their skills at events like county fairs, speaking contests and other competitions.

Learn more about 4-H projects.

Become a volunteer.

The Kansas 4-H Youth Development Program depends on adult and youth volunteers to help youth gain the five Kansas 4-H Life Skills of a positive self concept, an inquiring mind, a concern for the community, healthy interpersonal relationships and sound decision making.

The main roles for local volunteers are Community Club LeaderProject Leader or Activity Leader.  There are many more roles for volunteers, check with your local club and/or Extension Office for more information.

Check out the Kansas 4-H New Family Guide for more information!