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4-H Youth Development

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4-H Clubs

The learning community in 4-H has at its core positive youth development, experiential learning opportunities, in partnership with caring adults, that assist young people in achieving youth development objectives. 4-H Clubs are a form of learning community.

Creating a culture of learning where youth and adults are involved in a collective effort of understanding is a foundational component of learning communities. Youth are free to participate in as many 4-H delivery modes or activities as they are able. They are required to designate a primary club (or independent membership) that they affiliate with within 4-H Online.

Minimum Standards
  • Be led/advised by two or more screened and board approved adult volunteers
  • Enroll at least five youth members from at least three families
  • Emphasizes project exploration, leadership, and civic engagement
  • Conduct a minimum of six regular educational experiences per year
  • Gatherings include but are not limited to business meetings, project meetings, service-learning opportunities, and other 4-H learning activities
  • Select/elect youth leaders to provide direction to the club with shared youth leadership opportunities with shared decision-making, with agreed-upon rules or bylaws
  • Keep meeting, project, and financial records and submit required reports
  • Follow state and local 4-H Policy
  • 4-H Charter