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4-H Youth Development

Local Shooting Sports Qualifiers

Last Date to Host Qualifiers

Air Pistol, Air Rifle, & BB Gun - March 19th, 2023

Qualifying Match Process

  1. Request-to-Host forms need to be sent to kansas4h@ksu.edu.
  2. If corrections are needed, documents will be returned to the local unit for corrections.
  3. Final match information, if no corrections are required, will be posted on the website.

Shooting Sports State Qualifying Matches

Local ExtensionReg Due DateMatch DateDisciplineInfo Entry FormResults
Wabaunsee1/252/4BB, Air RiflePDFPDFPDF
WWD, Haskell2/12/11BB, Air Pistol, Air RiflePDFPDFPDF
Johnson2/102/19Air Pistol, Air RiflePDFPDFPDF
Sedgwick2/132/25BB, Air Pistol, Air RiflePDFPDFPDF
Gray2/172/25Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BB PDFPDFPDF
Cottonwood - Ellis2/243/4Air Rifle & BBPDFPDFPDF
Jackson/Nemaha2/273/11Air Pistol, Air Rifle, BBPDFPDFPDF
Pawnee3/13/18Air Rifle, Air Pistol, BBPDFPDFPDF
Riley-Pottawatomie3/53/18Air Pistol, Air Rifle PDFPDFPDF
Cherokee3/8 - Noon3/11BBPDFPDFPDF