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4-H Youth Development

Local Shooting Sports Qualifiers

Last Date to Host Fall Qualifiers

Hunting Skills: August 7

Archery, Small Bore, & Muzzleloading: August 22

Shotgun: August 29

Qualifying Match Process

  1. A pending match date will appear in 5 business days, once Request-to-Host forms are received at kansas4h@ksu.edu.
  2. If corrections are needed, documents will be returned to the local unit for corrections.
  3. Final match information, if no corrections are required, will be posted on the website within 10 business days.

2022 Fall Shooting Sports State Qualifying Matches

Local ExtensionDateDisciplineInfo Entry FormResults
Riley/Pottawatomie6/11Hunting SkillsPDFPDF 
Sedgwick6/18Small BorePDFPDF 
Lyon 6/19ArcheryPDFPDF 
Brown7/9Archery PDFPDF 
Midway- Ellsworth7/9ArcheryPDFPDF 
Reno 8/13Small BorePDFPDF 
Greenwood 8/20ArcheryPDFPDF