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4-H Youth Development

Kansas State Fair - 4-H Division

2021 Kansas State Fair Handbooks

 2021 Kansas State Fair 4-H Exhibitors Handbook (2/26/21) - Clean Copy

2021 Kansas State Fair 4-H Exhibitors Handbook (2/26/21) - Edits Copy (Changes show in different color)

2021 Kansas State Fair 4-H/FFA Exhibitors Handbook (2/26/21) - Clean Copy

2021 Kansas State Fair 4-H/FFA Exhibitors Handbook (2/26/21) Edits Copy (Changes show in different color)



2020 Virtual Exhibition Information

2020 KSF 4-H Results

Rules, Class Descriptions and Exhibit Evaluation 
Resources for Exhibit Submission 

Exhibits which require special forms or documents will be listed below.  If there is nothing listed for a division then it does not require a specialized form.   

Trouble Shooting Fillable PDF files
  • Save the file to your computer.  Do not fill in the form from a web browser. 
  • After downloading, double check what program is opening the file.  Make sure you are opening the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Some computers will default to open a PDF in a web browser which will not work with a filable form.    
Results and Showcasing 

Results and the showcasing of exhibits will be done through the FairEntry program.  The live link will be posted once results are ready.   

  • August 31st - All County/Unit entries into FairEntry
  • September 12th - Results and Showcase go live
FairEntry Help 
Notice of Photo Release 

By submitting an entry to this fair showcase, the 4-H member grants permission to Kansas 4-H the use and rights associated with the use of the photograph and quotes, in promotional publication, online, and other media, without compensation. The 4-H member who created the project will be credited whenever and wherever the photo is shared, published, or reproduced in print or digital media. 

Contests and Events
  • Kansas State Fair 4-H FCS Judging Contest

The FCS Judging Contest will be held virtually using Qualtrics. The contest will be open on September 19, from 9 am to 9 pm.  No registration fee will be charged.  More details – KSF Family and Consumer Sciences Judging Contest

  • Kansas State Fair 4-H Poultry Judging Contest 

This event will be held in person on Kansas State Fairgrounds on Sept 5th during the Poultry show.  Registration is due August 31st More information can be found at KSF Poultry Judging. 

  • Kansas State Fair 4-H Photography Judging Contest 

The event will be held virtually this year.  It will run from September 12th through Sept 17th.  There is no registration fee this year to participate.  Registration is Due August 31st.  An email with the participation link will be sent directly to participants.   

  • Kansas State Fair 4-H Crops Identification Contest **UPDATED 10/15/2020**

The 2020 Kansas State Fair 4-H Crops Identification Contest that historically has been held the first weekend of the KSF, will be pushed back into the fall for 2020.  It will still be conducted this fall, and it will be a virtual contest only.  Full details about the contest can be found here Kansas 4-H Crops Contest.  We thank you for your patience as we totally revamp the delivery of this popular contest due to COVID-19.  For more information, contact Deryl Waldren, Kansas 4-H Crops Coordinator, dwaldren@ksu.edu



General State Fair Information 

(Departments that are included: Visual Arts, Clothing and Textiles, Crops Identification, Demonstrations, Dog Show, Energy Management, Entomology, FCS Judging, Fashion Revue, Fiber Arts, Foods - Nutrition, Foods - Preservation, Forestry, Geology, Home Environment, Horticulture**, Horse Show, Photography, Photography Judging, Shooting Sports, Spacetech (Astronomy, Computers, GPS/GIS, Robotics and Rocketry), Wildlife and Woodworking.)

(Departments that are included in the 4-H/FFA Handbook include: Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats, Horticulture**, Poultry, Poultry Judging, Rabbits, Crops, Sheep, Meat Goats, Beef and Swine)

Grand Drive Entries

Grand Drive Scholarship Application

**Horticulture is listed in both Handbooks and is a 4-H/FFA Department. 

4-H Exhibit Area Downloads

Entry Collection Sheets
Clothing and Textiles

For the 2020 Kansas State Fair, the following forms need to be completed by all youth who qualified to exhibit in 4-H Clothing & Textiles Division.   These forms will be uploaded into the FairEntry system by the local Extension Office.


Crops and Crops Judging
Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks

*NEW*   2019 KSF 4-H Demonstrations Schedule

  • Demonstration and Illustrated Talk Collection Sheet (PDF) (Word)
  • 2019 Demonstration Schedule


Dog Show


Energy Management

For the 2020 Kansas State fair, all youth who are exhibiting in the 4-H Entomology division will need to fill out one of the following forms.  This form will be uploaded in the FairEntry system by the local Extension Office.  Youth who enter the Notebook class will need to also submit scanned specie pages of 5 new insects. 


Fashion Revue
For the 2020 Kansas State Fair, all youth who are exhibiting in 4-H Buymanship or Constructed Fashion Revue need to fill out the following form.  This form, along with 2 photos will be uploaded in the FairEntry system by the local Extension Office.  Photos need to be of entire outfit, complete with shoes and accessories.  First photo should be a front view and second photo needs to be a back view. 
2020 Virtual 4-H KSF Cost Per Wear and Scorecard Form


FCS Judging
Fiber Arts

For the 2020 Kansas State Fair, all 4-H youth exhibiting in Fiber Arts need to fill out the following form.  This form will be upload into FairEntry by the local Extension Office.  Youth who exhibit in the educational notebook class do not need to fill out a form, but will need to submit 5 scanned pages from their notebook that they feel best represents their entire notebook.


Foods and Nutrition
Foods Preservation
Geology and Lapidary


Home Environment
Horse Show

No health papers or CVI is needed for in-state horses, only a negative Coggins. Also, there will not be a vet check-in off fairgrounds as in previous years.

Stalls are NOT available until Thursday, September 12 at 8am.


Photography Judging Contest


Shooting Sports
Space Tech

-Refer to the Space Tech Training page for more information.  For *notebooks, *display boards, and *posters, no additional exhibit information is required; no manila envelope is needed for these exhibits.  All other exhibits need the additional information included in a manila envelope.  Displays, notebooks and posters have been combined into one score sheet for all divisions. 

You may also visit the Kansas 4-H SpaceTech site,www.kansasspacetech.com, for more specific information in astronomy, rocketry, robotics, unmanned aerial systems and computers.  To learn more about the project areas within SpaceTech, visit:  Overview Kansas 4-H SpaceTech.

To get the information form-fillable files to work, first it will be necessary to download the file from your browser.  However, we suggest you first type in your information and then print off a copy before re-saving it and closing the file.  In some instances, you may not be able to save the contents of each file due to your computer's configuration.  Always print the form-fillable file before closing it, so you don't lose the information.  If the form-fillable function is not working correctly, please try Firefox or Chrome as your browser to download the file.   That usually solves the form-fillable issue.  Thanks. 


Visual Arts