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4-H Youth Development

Global Citizenship Programs

All States' 4-H International Exchange Programs and IFYE programs are scheduled to operate in 2023.  Check for updates as they become known.

Kansas 4-H Exchange Programs are truly "learn by doing" experiences in global citizenship. Kansas 4-H Exchange Programs are conducted by Kansas 4-H Youth Development and K-State Research and Extension. Kansas 4-H Exchange Programs began in Kansas with the International Farm Youth Exchange, then later named the International 4-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) Program when 17 Americans traveled to European countries in 1948 to fulfill a dream of striving for world peace through understanding.

International 4-H Youth Programs (IFYE)

Kansas 4-H partners with the International 4-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) to provide international exchange opportunities for 4-H alumni from 19-25 years old. IFYE Representatives spend three to six months living with host families in countries all over the world. Most participants leave in mid-June and return in mid-September or early December. Learn more about IFYE programs by visiting our IFYE webpage.

States' 4-H International Exchange Program (S4-H)

Kansas 4-H also collaborates with States' 4-H International Exchange Programs (S4-H) for 4-H members aged 12-18.  S4-H Representatives gain global perpective while living with a host family for 4-8 weeks. Learn more about S4-H Programs by visiting our S4-H webpage.

Host Family Opportunities

From June through September each year, 4-H families are needed to host exchange delegates for 3-4 weeks or 2-3 months. Exchange delegates represent their country's partner organization and vary in age, but are generally 12-25 years old.

Kansas also participates in the S4-H Academic Year Program (AYP) where high school students from Eurasia, Eastern Europe, Japan, and South Korea spend 10 1/2 months living with a Kansas family and attend high school from August to June and hosts are needed.