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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

February 14, 2018

2-Year Old & 3-Year Old Rule Changes

By Christa Obermeyer

There will be a new edition of the 4-H Horse Show Rule Book coming out this spring.  Coming with the new edition will be some major changes to the 2-Year Old Snafflebit and 3-Year Old Projects.  Those 4-Hers in the 2-Year Old Project should expect to show in two rail phases and be prepared for the interview phase.  However, please let them know that the 2-Year Old Project will discontinued after the 2019 State Fair Horse Show.  The 3-Year Old Project has been expanded.  It will also have three total phases - Phase 1 is rail work, Phase 2 is a pattern, and Phase 3 is an interview.  4-Hers involved in the 3-Year Old Project should plan to participate in all three phases at this year's state fair.