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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

February 14, 2018

4-H Name and Emblem Use

Submitted by Amy Sollock

Did you know that the 4-H Clover is protected on the same level as the presidential seal?  Did you also know that the correct RGB values for 4-H green are: R=51, G=153, B=102?  (Handy tip for graphic elements and font colors on flyers!)   The use of the K-State Research and Extension/Kansas 4-H co-wordmark is the basis of good marketing and a strong, consistent brand image, for both K-State Research and Extension and the Kansas 4-H program. If you find yourself using the stand-alone clover in addition to the co-wordmark, either in print, on apparel or in digital formats, please make sure you are following the proper guidelines.  This guide from NIFA/USDA outlines the proper usage and guidelines.  As KSRE professionals, it is our legal responsibility to insure the consistent and correct use of the 4-H Name and Emblem by all levels of salaried and volunteer Extension staff, 4-H participants, and authorized non-Extension entities.