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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

April 15, 2016

4-H Camp Payment at Rock Springs

Submitted by Pam Van Horn

1. By February 1, the camp chair will submit to Rock Spring a list of extension units with address and e-mail and indicate if the invoice should be mailed to the 4-H Council or Extension Council.

2. Twelve working days prior to camp, the camp chair notifies the assigned Rock Springs Administrator on Duty of individual extension units’ numbers of campers, counselors and agents/adults. (Scenic County: 112 campers, 15 counselors, 4 agents/adults for counselor training and 12 additional agents/adults). Plus, provide Rock Springs with the number of campers housed in the Stoneybrook living area.

3. Upon receiving the number of campers by extension unit from the camp chair, Rock Springs will invoice individual extension units within the camp group within two business days and return invoices to the camp chair. Rock Springs will adjust for available discounts based on camper numbers and Stoneybrook campers.

4. The camp chair then will forward the invoices to the respective camp group members. Extension Units will verify the statement for accuracy and report changes immediately. If adjustments are needed those changes will be reflected in a new invoice sent by Rock Springs.

5. Individual extension units will pay Rock Springs by the start of camp based on the numbers given to Rock Springs. No refunds after the two week (or 10 working days)prior to camp. Rock Springs has requested that the invoice be paid as billed.

6. Additional campers may be added past the invoiced date but refunds will not be given. During 4-H camp, financial changes can be adjusted for additional fees and must be submitted within two weeks following camp participation.

7. A $100.00 administration fee plus 1.25% monthly interest will be charged for late payment of the invoice starting on the third day of camp.

Extension 4-H Camp Incidental Fees

1. Camp groups’ financial account managed within either an extension unit’s 4-H Council or Extension Council as a sub-account.

     a. Extension unit manages the account under KSRE recommendations.

     b. Preference of KSRE Administration would be individual agents/adult volunteers purchase needed for
     supplies/equipment on personal account and submit expenses to camp group treasurer for reimbursement.

     c. All financial transactions must be accounted for.