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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

April 15, 2016

Five IFYE’s Need Short-Term Host Families

Submitted by Deryl Waldren

Kansas 4-H is hosting five IFYE’s (International 4-H Youth Exchange) participants this summer between June 20 and September 9. Their time with us is divided among 2-4 Kansas families each, depending on their total length of stay. This allows them to have a variety of experiences in different parts of the state and family lifestyles. Most of them are members of partner 4-H, Rural Youth or Young Farmers organizations in their home countries and are interested in learning about 4-H in addition to our Kansas culture, history and geography. Full bios are available to interested families by contacting State International Exchange Coordinator, Mary Kay Munson at 785-238-3631, or munson@ksbroadband.net. The IFYE’s, their genders, home countries and the dates they still have open for hosting are listed below followed by a brief summary of their background and interests. All are beyond high school and would be hosted by the whole family and do not require a 4-H family member of a specific age or gender to serve as host sibling. Couples and singles may host. They are eager to share their cultures with Kansas families.

Elin, Female, Wales—Elin is an active member at club, county and national levels of Wales Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs as a 13-year member. She has a B.A. degree in Welsh language and film and television. She now works on Welsh language children’s television programs. She has experience working with sheep and cattle and is interested in learning about crops. Her hobbies and interests include: socializing, arts and crafts, spinning, trying new things, Welsh folk dancing, outdoors and writing. She hopes to see a rodeo, participate in our July 4th celebration, and learn about Kansas farming.

Kuan-Ju (Lulu), Female, Taiwan—June 20-July 10, July 10-31, July 31-Aug. 21, Aug. 21-Sept. 6. Lulu is a 7-year member of Taiwan 4-H who is a leader of her district 4-H club. Her local farmers’ association cooperates with an elementary school, so she’d like to learn about teaching and education. Lulu would also like to know about nutrition and camp activities, which is her focus for learning here and sharing in her club and at national levels. She is a bachelor’s student of health care management. Her leisure interests include badminton, outdoor exercising, travel, watching Korean drama, and the CSI series.

Lucy, Female, Scotland,--June 2-July 10, July 10-July 31, Aug. 31-Sept. 6. Lucy is a current officer of her local club of Scottish Association of Young Farmers. She loves participating in as many of their activities as she can—sports, livestock judging, baking, crafts, talent competitions and the club’s variety show. She grew up on a 500-cow dairy which her dad manages. She is interested in farm operation and milk production. She is beginning university in September to study food marketing and nutrition and volunteers with the Royal Highland Trust, which promotes food and farming to school groups. She loves participating in soccer and rugby, watching sports, baking and cooking, travel and photography.

Ludwig, Male, Germany—July 23-Aug 10. Ludwig is finishing in July a technical school for agriculture studying the economics and theoretical aspects of agriculture, after an apprenticeship on a pig breeding farm where they also grew grain, and working on his home farm for a year. His family farm has cattle, pigs, grass and forest. He belongs to Landjugend, the German farm youth organization, and enjoys their activities. His hobbies include mountain biking, playing baritone, skiing (downhill and cross country) and travel. He wants to see the differences in agriculture and way of life here and wants to be part of everyday life on an American farm. He is interested in large farm machines, U.S. history and culture.

Mohit, Male, India—July 10-31. Mohit is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism. He would like to combine that with his background in agriculture since he lives near the most visited tourist site in India, the Taj Mahal. He wants to have a career in village tourism, as well as improve crop varieties and demonstrate Indian farming patterns to tourists. He grew up combining farm and city life and worked with his father on the farm where they produced wheat, mustard and fish. He is interested in agriculture and the environment. He wants to live and work with families where he can develop communication skills and get to know rural American culture. Munson/Waldren