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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

December 15, 2017

Name Badges with Co-Brand Offered

Submitted by Beth Hinshaw

Anndee at NZone is offering a group order for the magnetic name badge with the KSRE/4-H Co-Brand that can be picked up at 4-H Citizenship in Action, picked up at NZone in Manhattan or mailed for a fee. You can determine what line 2 says, your location or if you want to order for council officers, 4-H Ambassadors, Assistants or Leaders. Order form is available here.

Orders are due Jan 15th and then will be available for pick up at 4-H Citizenship in Action February 18-19 or after February 18.  If you have questions, please ask Anndee at ANNDEE@NZSW.COM.