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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

December 15, 2017

Kansas Approves Two 4-H'ers for States' 4-H Exchanges

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

Two 4-H teens were approved at state interviews November 19 in Junction City.  Their applications have been submitted to States' 4-H International Exchange Programs Headquarters in Seattle.  We are currently waiting for their approval for delegations to their preferred host countries.  Tanner Koch, Flint Hills District, Chase County, has been approved to represent Kansas and hopes to go to Norway. Krista Haley, Marais Des Cygnes District, Miami County, is approved by Kansas to represent our state in Costa Rica.  We hope to have confirmation of of their travel destinations by next month's newsletter.  The Kansas IFYE Association and past delegates began their orientation on November 19.