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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

April 15, 2019

Mid-Year Clean-up

Submitted by Terry Roberts

Make your local end of year process quicker by doing a little mid-year cleanup.  Using the End of Year Cleanup & ES-237 Report resource to guide you through each process, completing the following tasks can give you a head start:

#1 Duplicate Members Check (pg. 5)
Run this report to check for members who have multiple records. Examine and investigate the pairings listed. If a member does have multiple records, Terry Roberts may be able to merge them together into one complete record. Please submit names to merge to Terry at teresaroberts@ksu.edu ASAP.

#2 Empty Families (pg. 6)
Run this report to check for "empty" families, also known as families without members.  Take appropriate action to follow-up with families who need to complete member enrollments, or remove empty family profiles if not needed.

#3 Incomplete members (pg. 7)
Check for incomplete members.  Kansas currently has 467 "incomplete" enrollments!  These are members who didn't finish creating a enrollment/re-enrollment, or they simply didn't click the [Submit Enrollment] button.  Take appropriate action to follow-up with these families  If the member isn't going to participate in 4-H this year, delete the current year's information and they will go back to an "Inactive" status.