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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

April 15, 2019

4-H Academy . . . Explore Your Pathway

Submitted by Rhonda Atkinson

4-H Academy . . . Explore Your Pathway
June 23-26
Rock Springs 4-H Center

The 4-H Academy is fun, fast-paced and a great way to build strong, fit mental muscles in a subject that interests you. Explore, learn and ask the experts to satisfy your deeply-rooted curiosity to understand more about the topic. The best part is you choose and register for the pathway that will inspire you at 4-H Academy. Each pathway is created to challenge your critical thinking skills and open new approaches for learning. You’ll be amazed and enthused to excel!

Nestled in a serene locale, 4-H Academy offers engaging and exciting activities and challenges that will guide you through adventures to the capstone finale where you and your explorer team share exhilarating discoveries.

Register for one of the following pathways at:  https://www.kansas4hfoundation.org/4hacademycamp/

  Some never outgrow the love of horses; so come spend quality time learning about the beautiful and fascinating animals that tug at your heart and boot straps. Take a trail ride into learning about horse quiz bowl, hippology and judging. Plus, care for a horse by bushing and cleaning hoofs before the actual trail ride. Discover the equine in a new perspective from breeds to nutrition to safety.  Test your horse knowledge with others and gain a new and deeper appreciation for your horse affection. This academy camp designed especially for the beginning, novice horse enthusiast that does not have the opportunity to have their own horse. Kansas 4-H Horseless project members welcome.

Photography:  Do you have a flair for the creation of new and exciting materials to help people understand your world? Photography can be your outlet. Gain the skills that will take your talent to the next level. Work with industry professionals, educational experts and other passionate photo enthusiasts to truly grow on your path to be a professional photographer.

Leadership: Ever wonder how your unique strengths make it easier for you to navigate high school, college and the world of work? The CliftonStrengths workshop presented by the K-State Strengths Office in partnership with the Department of 4-H Youth Development will help individuals learn more about their top 5 talent themes, how they are turning them into strengths, and discover how their top 5 plays a role on a team. This will be an interactive workshop where participants will need to be ready to talk about themselves, their experiences, and their top 5 strengths. We will also cover the basics of CliftonStrengths.  Learning how to identify and communicate your unique strengths while working with others who are different than you is an asset you will bring to any team. Maximize your strength potential by participating in the Leadership Track of 4-H Academy.  

Global Positioning System: Campers will participate in an exploration of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and how it is used to identify locations across the globe. From orienteering to geocaching and search and rescue operations, our society is becoming increasingly dependent on applications of the Global Positioning System. Campers will learn to use handheld GPS technology to locate and communicate information. Lessons learned will be applied to a real-world project to conclude the activity. 

Environmental: If you have an interest in ecology, wildlife management, or just being outside and learning about nature, you’re at the right place. Join us and learn from professional wildlife biologists, botanists, and ecologists. The Academy Camp is an exciting mix of hands-on activities, outdoor exploration, and real-life career exploration. Subject matter will include wildlife and plant identification, species diversity, conservation ethics, wildlife tracking, predator-prey dynamics, population management, fishing, shooting sports, and much more.

Registration:  For Youth 13 years old and older.  Registration link is: https://www.kansas4hfoundation.org/4hacademycamp/

It will be open Tuesday, April 16, 2019, and remain open until May 15th or the sessions are full.         

Cost: $335