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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

January 14, 2020

March 1 Deadline for Some States’ 4-H Hosting

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

Costa Rican 4-S members and Taiwan 4-H members who are available for Kansas 4-H through States’ 4-H  International Exchange Programs (S4-H) require host family applications by March 1, 2020.  Inbounds will be 14-18. The 4-H families should have a host sibling within two years and the same gender of the inbound they host  The Costa Ricans will be with host families June 23-July 24, while the Taiwanese hosting dates are July 23-August 17.  Contrary to some posted information, no Europeans will be coming to the U.S. through States’ 4-H in 2020.  Kansas families can go to https://www.kansas4-h.org/events-activities/global-citizenship/kansas-4-h-international-exchanges/docs/2020-General-Inbound-Flyer-Edited.9-24-19.pdf .  To apply, complete the on line application for States’ 4-H at the link on the above-cited web page.  Families who have hosted for States’ 4-H recently will be able to update their previous applications.  References are not required for repeat families with no changes.  Background checks and In Home Interviews are required every 3rd year.  When we receive applications from the on line system, we will be in contact with families and agents in their units. 

If a family applies for a Costa Rican or Taiwanese 4-H’er and does not get a placement by S4-H, we can consider them for hosting Japanese or IFYE exchangees, should families wish to be considered.  Information on Japanese young teens or older IFYE’s later in February or March.  For more information on hosting inbound exchanges, contact Mary Kay Munson at 785-238-3631 or munson@ksbroadband.net.   Rose Scott sixtykid2@gmail.com coordinates Japanese Summer Exchanges and Chelsy Champlin chelsycoen@gmail.com coordinates IFYE hosting  for Kansas.  Feel free to contact them about their specific exchange hosting opportunities.