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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

January 14, 2020

Printing Participation Forms

Submitted by Terry Roberts

The "Kansas 4-H Participation Form" is completed by adult volunteers and youth members when they enroll and reenroll each year in the Kansas 4-H Online system.  The question many KSRE staff members have is, “how do we get to this data in the event of medical need or emergency?”

If it’s not feasible to use a mobile device with internet capabilities to lookup needed medical history in 4HOnline during an event, KSRE Staff may print a hard copy of each member’s health form and authorizations from the system prior to the event.  To do this, KSRE staff must export a 4HOnline report and merge the data into a template.  The template mirrors the old paper Kansas 4-H Participation Form, so each member will have their own page when printing is completed. 

Full instructions and “QuickTip” instructions (for those brushing up on the process) exist on the Staff Resources page for 4HOnline.  You will need to login with your eID to view these resources. Please keep in mind, since the Code of Conduct and other authorizations changed this 4-H Program Year for both youth and volunteers, the mail merge process to print Participation Forms has also been updated.  You will need to delete any old templates and/or 4HOnline Custom Reports relating to the old participation form. A new Shared Participation Form report is ready for you to copy/memorize and a new participation form template has been created.

Remember, the state will print participation forms for state events/trainings if registration is through Cvent or 4HOnline.  KSRE staff would be responsible for printing participation forms for local events.