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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

March 13, 2020

4-H Camp Counselor Reminders

Submitted by Amy Sollock

It's that time of year where we begin to recruit camp counselors for the upcoming 4-H Camping season. A couple of reminders as you begin the process of filling those roles.

  • All camp counselors should submit a written application and undergo an interview that is completed by KSRE professionals. A list of sample interview questions is available here.
  • Camp counselors 18 and older MUST be background checked.
    Camp counselors under the age of 18 do NOT need to be background checked.
  • Camp counselors should be at least 2 years older than their campers. Please keep this in mind when creating camp groups and assigning counselors.

These guidelines apply to all 4-H camping experiences provided across the state, regardless of whether or not it takes place at Rock Springs. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at asollock@ksu.edu or 785-259-2256.