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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

November 13, 2020

Kansas Clover Classroom Needs YOUR Help!

Submitted by Susan Schlichting

Are you passionate about a particular 4-H project area? Have expertise to share?  Ag Agents, FCS/FCW Agents, Community Vitality Agents, Horticulture Agents - We need YOUR help!  We are working to create 4-H Project Challenges in every 4-H project area.

If you are interested in learning how to submit a 4-H Project Challenge, check out the webinar recording in the Professional Development Summer Learning Series. Found at: Teams > Youth Development > Files > 4-H Youth Development Professional Development > August 27 Kansas Clover Classroom. You’ll also find the submission instructions and link to the Qualtrics document for submitting your content to this new project.
Here’s the landing page. https://www.kansas4-h.org/resources/cloverclassroom.html. These will also be linked to their corresponding 4-H Project page.

Help us make this a "go to" resource for 4-H families and other educators!

Questions, contact Susan Schlichting sschlich@ksu.edu or Patsy Maddy pmaddy@ksu.edu to learn more.
Submitted by: Susan Schlichting, project chair