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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

May 14, 2021

Livestock Nominations Due June 15

Submitted by Lexie Hayes

All small livestock and commercial heifer state nominations (non-market beef) are due June 15. This includes commercial heifers, market swine, commercial gilts, market lambs, commercial ewes, and ALL meat goats youth would like to exhibit at the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive or KJLS. Both state shows now have a breeding doe show. However, there is not a separate division for registered breeding does at either state show, so all meat goats must be nominated in order to be eligible to show. The deadline is a firm postmark deadline. Materials received with a printed postmark after June 15 will not be accepted.

The 2021 nomination information has been distributed to county offices and may be found on the KSU Youth Livestock Program website: https://www.asi.k-state.edu/research-and-extension/youth-programs/nominated-livestock/. The 2021 Declaration and Specie Nomination Forms MUST be used for nominations to be accepted. All families are encouraged to use the specie checklist as a guide to ensure their nominations are complete upon submission. This resource may be found as the second page of each specie nomination form, on the KSU Youth Livestock Program website, or through the local extension office. As part of the family nomination process, all eligible exhibitors within a family should submit one set of paperwork and DNA envelopes, with the signatures of ALL children within the family, in addition to the parent/legal guardian and county agent (4-H exhibitors) or FFA advisor (FFA exhibitors). There should not be a single child's signature on forms or DNA, unless there is only one child eligible to exhibit within the family. Please double check that there are not any blank fields or questions on the Declaration and Nomination Forms before placing them in the mail.

Continuing in 2021, all exhibitors are required to be YQCA certified to participate in either state show. Each child's YQCA certificate needs to be attached to the Declaration Form. Certification needs to be completed at the time of nomination. Youth who only have registered breeding females will submit this information at the time of entry. Ear notches are also required for swine nominations and full scrapie tag numbers are required for sheep and meat goats. Ear notches must be written AND drawn, and both the Flock/Premise ID and individual animal number needs to be submitted on scrapie tags (example: KSS0035 16121). Nominations received without this information will be considered incomplete and returned to the family for completion.

Confirmation letters will be sent to families once their nominations have been processed, and reports will be updated on the KSU Youth Livestock Program website on Tuesdays and Fridays until we reach the deadline, then more frequently after that. Families are encouraged to use one of these options to verify their nominations.