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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

November 15, 2022

Learn more about 4-H camp pricing and camperships

Submitted by Jake Worcester

Before registration for 4-H camp at Rock Springs Ranch opens, our team would like to share some information regarding pricing and camperships that are available.

Last week, Camp Directors Jared and Letha shared the session dates for 4-H camp. If you missed those, you can find them here. We will continue to offer a 4 day, 3 night short camp session as well as the 6 day, 5 night full camp session. There will be no change in the daily rates for summer camp.

With the start of a new camp model, we provided three tiers of pricing. Families select a tier when they register for camp. We’d like to provide some clarity to what those tiers mean.

  • Tier 1: By selecting this tier, families are not only sending their youth to camp, but also covering the full cost of Rock Springs Ranch programming, housing, dining, facility operations, etc.

  • Tier 2: This option is designed for families who need some assistance, but still wish to cover the cost of programming, housing and food. This option covers the direct cost of a youth to attend camp.

  • Tier 3: Families who need financial assistance to attend camp should select this option. Generous donors to the Kansas 4-H Foundation make this option available.

In 2022, 70% of families chose to pay tier 1 or tier 2 pricing. Payment plans are also available. We would encourage you to discuss the tiered pricing model with families in your local area. If families don’t need financial support, they should select tier 1.

Families who need additional financial assistance will be directed to local units to determine if local campership assistance is available. Based on funding available, statewide campership support may be available for those who need it. Decisions on statewide fund availability will not be made until spring.

Similar to how scholarships provide access to education, camperships allow all youth to explore the 4-H program through an extended camp experience. Statewide camperships provide access to 4-H camp for youth from all 105 Kansas counties.

We have many generous donors who make camperships possible for youth across the state. For our teen leadership opportunities, the Patterson Family Foundation provides full-ride camperships to Counselor in Training (CIT) campers.

Similar to last year, we will provide 4-H families with an early bird discount. This discount is available, regardless of what tier is selected at registration. Early bird pricing will be available until December 31, 2022. For more information about summer camp, visit www.rockspringsranch4hcamp.org.

Jake Worcester and Mindy Weixelman