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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

November 15, 2022

Kansas/Nebraska 4-H Shooting Sports Volunteer Training

Submitted by Chandra Plate

Nebraska 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Certification Workshop Offered in Benkelman


A 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Certification Workshop is scheduled for early December in Benkelman, NE. It will be held December 3-4 at the Dundy County Fairgrounds in Benkelman. The early bird deadline to register for the workshop is November 23rd.


Volunteers will have the opportunity to become certified as an adult (21 years and older) or apprentice (14-20 years old) leader. Seven project areas will be offered at the Benkelman Workshop - rifle, pistol, shotgun, hunting skills, muzzleloader, coordinator, and archery.


There is a minimum number of participants needed to offer these disciplines at the workshop. Workshop participants will learn under expert instruction from members of the Nebraska State

4-H Shooting Sports Training Team.


The registration fee is $85 per person for initial certification and those individuals adding an additional discipline except for Apprentice Instructors. The registration fee for Apprentice Instructors (14 to 20 years of age) is $75 for this workshop. This fee includes meals, supplies and program materials. Participants must make their own lodging arrangements. Registration on Saturday runs from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.


While participants might need to bring limited, if any, equipment to the in-person discipline training site, there are a series of four National 4-H Shooting Sports online modules which individuals MUST complete prior to the training to become eligible for certification.  Information on the modules and how to enroll, 4-H Shooting Sports Online User Guide, can accessed by using the link found on the Nebraska 4-H Shooting Sports website under Calendar of 4-H Shooting Sports Events at https://4h.unl.edu/shooting-sports, under the Benkelman Workshop - this provides step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for and complete the entire series of modules before the workshop.

As individuals follow each of the instructions in the Online User Guide, they will be asked to choose a payment method. Participants are responsible for the $20 (per person) registration fee. The entire series of modules will take approximately 3-4 hours, so please plan some time accordingly.  There will be some additional time added on Saturday evening for Kansas participants.

Please share this information with volunteers in your counties.  For more workshop information and registration link, go to the 4-H Shooting Sports web page.  Or contact Chandra Plate 620-388-7157 or Steve Pritchard at (402)395-2158 or (308)536-2691. Registration is available only online at the link listed above.