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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

September 16, 2019

4-H Alumni Ages 19-25 Applications for IFYE Program

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

Kansas young adults 19-25 may participate in exchanges which focus on home and farm stays in rural areas throughout the world through Kansas 4-H International Exchange programs organized by IFYE USA.  These programs can be tailored to individual interests and goals of applicants, usually including multiple home stays in a country for at least three months.  Individuals can request internships with international companies or credit for the experience from their universities.   These experiences help participants build their resumes and increase skills for living and working in a global society.  Six month exchanges often include experiences in two countries.  Counties available to host IFYE’s in 2020 include:  Argentina, Austria, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,, and Thailand.  Others that may become available this year are The Philippines, Poland, Slovenia and Uruguay.

To apply, go to:  https://www.kansas4-h.org/events-activities/global-citizenship/kansas-4-h-international-exchanges/.  Secure IFYE application and related information.  Submit application to Mary Kay Munson by November 1 at 1114 N. Spring Valley Road, Junction City, KS 66441 or munson@ksbroadand.net.  Plan to attend Kansas interviews and first orientation at Junction City November 24.  Contact Mary Kay Munson at 785-238-3631 (leave a message) for Kansas information and application process and funding options.  Information about IFYE Exchanges is also available at www.ifyeusa.org