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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

May 18, 2020

4HOnline 1.0 Reminders and 4-H Online 2.0 Updates

Submitted by Terry Roberts

Important Deadlines
We will be migrating to 4-H Online 2.0 on August 14, 2020 and your help is needed to successfully finish the Program Year in 4HOnline 1.0 early.  The official announcement explaining transition details was shared April 15 via the KSRE Listserv; here are the important dates to remember:

July 15
  • Program fee payment deadline to State 4-H office
  • Participating adult volunteers and youth members must be "Active"
  • Managers sharing email address with Family profile must change Family email address
Aug 1
  • EOY and ES-237 deadline in 4HOnline 1.0
Aug 13
  • Last day to edit in 4HOnline 1.0
Aug 14
  • 4HOnline 1.0 is permanently closed to edits
  • Only staff may view data in 4HOnline 1.0

If you have additional questions, please share with a Kansas 4-H Youth Development Specialist, Wade Weber, or Terry Roberts.

Manager Email Addresses
We have recently learned that email addresses for login purposes cannot be duplicated in 4-H Online 2.0. This will include Managers and is a change from 1.0.

Since our 1.0 data will be imported into 2.0, any 4HOnline 1.0 Manager using the same email address for both a Manager account and a Family account were contacted via email recently and asked to change their 4HOnline 1.0 Family account's email address by July 15.  This communication was only sent to impacted users; however, all should be aware that email addresses for login purposes cannot be duplicated in 2.0.

Please contact Terry Roberts at teresaroberts@ksu.edu if you have any questions about manager and family email addresses.