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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

May 18, 2020

2020 Outbound Summer Exchange Prospective Delegates Offered Priority in 2021

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs has offered teens who were planning a cancelled summer exchange in 2020 a chance to reserve a priority place in the 2021 delegation to the same country.  This is not offered to students who will be 19 in 2021.  To accept the offer, these prospective delegates will need to indicate their interest by May 15, 2020 and sign an agreement and make a non-refundable deposit of $100 by July 15, 2020.  We will notify home counties of the status of their 2020 prospective delegates after May 15.  Contact Mary Kay Munson with questions.  The 2020 prospects have been notified and are expected contact Mary Kay by May 15.  Those who do will get the information about July 15 commitment and payment for July 15.  If they do not choose to make the commitment now, they and others may apply for remaining spots in the country groups offered next year.  The fees they have paid States’ 4-H have been refunded.  Kansas will provide information about 2021 Outbound opportunities when it is available, about State Fair time in September.  Applications will be due November 1.