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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

June 15, 2020

State Fair Geology Update

Submitted by Shane Potter

In light of being unable to host the geology field trip and circumstances related to specimen collection, the 4-H Geology Action team has voted to modify the collection rules for the 2020 Kansas State Fair.

"the current year specimen number rule shall be modified for the 2020 4-H year for geology exhibit state fair classes 5200, 5201, 5202 and 5203, due to these extraordinary circumstances, to read: Five (5) specimens must be collected during the current 4-H year."

The rule change only pertains to the 2020 4-H year. So for example, this year participants need only 5 (new) specimens collected during the current year, which begins the day after last year's state fair. The total number of specimens (15, 30, 45 & 60) per any given exhibit class remains the same. So for a 15 specimen exhibit, for example, the participant needs only 5 specimens from the current year and the remaining 10 could be collected during previous years.