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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

August 14, 2020

Counties/Districts Needed for 2021 Kansas 4-H Japanese Exchange

Submitted by Deryl E Waldren

The summer inbound Kansas 4-H Japanese Exchange program which Kansas 4-H began participating with LABO and LEX in 1977 is seeking counties to participate in 2021. Based on your county/district responses, Kansas will commit to hosting a specific number of youth and adult chaperones for the 2021 summer inbound program. In 2019, Kansas hosted 25 Japanese youth and adults. Due to COVID-19, Kansas 4-H did not host any Japanese in 2020.

Participating counties get to host a small group of young Japanese teens who are highly motivated to become a member of their Kansas host family and to learn English. Kansas 4-H families have reported many good experiences and say that the program has had a positive impact on their children.

The Japanese will arrive in counties July 23, 2021, and stay with one family each for four weeks through August 17, 2021. Consider getting involved with your county/unit. Participating counties/units should locate a volunteer coordinator who then manages the recruitment and screening of five to six host families, and organizes local activities during the stay. Training, resource materials and some expense money are available for the coordinators and agents. Extension staff liaison with the Kansas 4-H Japanese Coordinator to conduct the program.

If you think your county might be interested, or to find out more details about your county/district hosting Japanese youth from 12-16 years-old in 2021, contact Rose Scott by September 14th: sixtykid2@gmail.com, or call Rose at 785-388-2009 or 785-565-3197 (cell). Please consider trying this popular program this upcoming year.