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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

August 14, 2017

2017 Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo Results

By Deryl Waldren

Wheat Expo

Over 62 Kansas 4-H members, siblings, parents, friends and Extension staff attended the 2017 Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo in Dodge City on August 3rd at the Ford County Fair Building. Participants judged educational classes of wheat, muffins, photography, and a wheat quiz. Participants were able to attend one of three educational tours.

Thanks go to our 2017 sponsors: Kansas Wheat Commission, Manhattan; KSRE – Ford County Extension Office; KSU Department of Grain Science; Kansas Wheat Quality Lab, Manhattan; Kansas Wheat Alliance, Manhattan; Kansas Crop Improvement Association, Manhattan; Stafford County Flour Mill, Hudson; Kansas 4-H Youth Development.

Planning team members included: Andrea Burns, Ethel Schneweis, Lexi Kiniston, Berny Unruh, Alicia Boor, Becky Miller, Glenn Newdigger, Mark Ploger, Randy Hein, Jodi Drake, Elly Sneath and Deryl Waldren. Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s wheat expo the success it was.

Awards were given in seven divisions and the judging activity. Premium monies for those who attended will be awarded and mailed to participants for the seven divisions in the near future. The major results in each division are:

Division 1 – 1 lb. Wheat, Produced by 4-H member (3 exhibits)
1st – Jarod DeWeese, Pratt County, Double Stop CL+ variety
2nd – Jarod DeWeese, Pratt County, KanMark variety
3rd – Adrienne Wasson, Ford County, Grainfield variety

Division 2 – 1 lb. Wheat, Adopt a Wheat Producer (5 exhibits)
1st – Ian Dunn, Stafford County, Overly variety
2nd – Preston Dunn, Stafford County, Overly variety
3rd – Sara Schlickau, Reno County, Double Stop CL+ variety

Division 3 – 1 Quart jar of Cleaned Wheat (8 exhibits)
1st – Adrienne Wasson, Ford County
2nd – Ian Dunn, Stafford County

Division 4 – 3 Yeast Rolls (6 exhibits)
1st – Adeline Woods, Meade County
2nd – Sara Schlickau, Reno County
3rd – Ellie Just, Marion County

Division 5 – 3 Cookies (14 exhibits)
1st – Sara Schlickau, Reno County
2nd – Yuta Yamanaka, Southwind – Iola (Japanese to Kansas Exchangee)
3rd – Maddox Riffey, Pratt County

Division 6 – Wheat Photography Contest (5 exhibits)
1st – Ellie Just, Marion County
2nd – Ellie Just, Marion County

Division 7 – Posters (2 exhibits)
1st – Jarod DeWeese, Pratt County
2nd – Kendall Burns, Ford County

Division 8 – Cloverbuds (6 exhibits – ribbons only)

Judging Activity (29 participants – ribbons only)
1st – Levi Meiwes, Southwind - Iola
2nd – Garrett Dunn, Stafford County
3rd – Cali Newdigger, Stafford County

For more information about the Kansas 4-H Wheat Expo, contact Deryl Waldren at 785-462-6281 or e-mail: dwaldren@ksu.edu.