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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

August 14, 2017

Kansas IFYE delegates Continue Exchanges in New Host Countries

By Mary Kay Munson

4-H Global Citizenship

Two Kansas outbound delegates on the IFYE exchange conducted by the IFYE Association of the U.S. A. will complete the first half of their exchanges in early September. Kelsey Crow, a former 4-H’er in Jackson Co. will conclude the first half of her exchange September 4 after being by Young Farmers Clubs in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Devon County, England. After free-time travel, she will report to Switzerland to be hosted by IFYE Swiss. Maria Traskowsky, Dickinson Co. 4-H alumna, has been enjoying stays with host families in Switzerland since June. She will move to Thailand after a two week personal travel period to begin the second half of her exchange with the 4-H program there. Both Kansas delegates are due back in Kansas in early December.