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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

January 16, 2018

Kansas 4-H EID Tag Order Reminder

Submitted by Lexie Hayes

As we enter 2018, it is also time to order Kansas 4-H EID livestock tags. This year we are transitioning the tag ordering and distribution process from Dave Kehler in Butler County to Lexie Hayes, on campus. Prior to the first of the year, all of the tag orders went to the Butler County office. Now that we have entered 2018, all tag orders need to be sent to the KSU Youth Livestock Program. The mailing address may be found below and is on the top of the order forms.

Several important EID tag resources may be found on the KSU Youth Livestock Program website (https://www.asi.k-state.edu/research-and-extension/youth-programs/kansas-4-h-eid-tags.html), as well as the Butler County website (http://www.butler.k-state.edu/eid/). The resources include the order forms, tag application instructions, and information on utilizing EID technology at the local level. Please make sure the person responsible for ordering and managing the livestock tags in each office is aware and receives this information. Counties/units who plan to order beef tags this year are encouraged to do so at their earliest convenience. We will be filling another round of beef tag orders at the end of January. Orders received after this point will be considered a special order. Payment must accompany the tag order form for it to be accepted and completed. Updated tag order summaries as of 1/12/2018 are posted on the KSU Youth Livestock Program and Butler County websites.

State accepted tags – there has been no change in the 4-H/EID tags that will be accepted for nomination to the Kansas Junior Livestock show and the Kansas State Fair. You can see pictures of these tags on the KSU Youth Livestock Program website or under the EID info on the Butler County Extension website. Livestock projects must be tagged with a Kansas 4-H EID tag to be eligible for nomination and exhibit at the Kansas State Fair or KJLS.

It is important that counties/units use their oldest tags first. We have reached the point that we will need to start some of the 4-H visual ID tag numbers over. This will make some of the older (issued in 2010 and 2011) tags not eligible for state nominations. Also, extension agents and staff need to remember that these are EID tags, and specifically the beef and swine tags are 840s. So, each unit will need to keep an accurate record of the animals/families in which each tag is applied.

Tag Order Form Mailing Address:
KSU Youth Livestock Program
c/o Lexie Hayes
214 Weber Hall
1424 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506