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Kansas 4-H Tip Sheet

April 13, 2018

Kansas Families to Host 4-H Members from Costa Rica and Finland

Submitted by Mary Kay Munson

A 4-S representative from Costa Rica will be hosted by the Joe and Amy Schmitz family in Marshall County. 4-S is the Spanish name for 4-H in Costa Rica and is the sponsor for Allan Salazar, 17, who will represent the organization in Kansas June 26-July 22.  Minttu Varis,18, will represent Suomen 4H, (4-H in Finland) while visiting Kansas during the same period and hosted by Gary and Lea Ann Seiler’s family, Hodgeman County. 

The teens will be joined by a Finnish chaperone, whom we plan to place with two families for about two weeks each.  Two host families are needed for this young lady with interests in outdoors and nature as well as 4-H.  Contact Mary Kay Munson, Kansas 4-H International Exchange Coordinator at 785-238-3631 or munson@ksberoadband.net for information on hosting the adult chaperone.  There are no expectations for attending exchange group activities for these visitors while they are in Kansas.